How To Do A Good Bike Maintenance At Home?

At Miami Cycling Club, we know the importance of a mechanic so that your bike is always like the first day. However, during these days it is not possible to go to him to perform maintenance on your bike. Therefore, we give you some very simple tips to ensure the durability and effectiveness of your bicycle.

Follow our recommendations, and very soon you will be able to enjoy the best road or mountain biking without worries.

Lubricant And Degreaser

During these days, the chain, the sprockets and the chainrings collect dust, dirt and rust that affect their operation, especially on MTBs. In addition, due to the friction between the different parts, they can wear out if they are not well lubricated. Therefore, it is essential to regularly clean and grease the transmission of your bicycle.

Before launching into maintenance, you should make sure you have the right products and apply them properly.

The first step before lubricating or applying any product is to remove the grease from the bicycle. Using degreaser, you will remove any remaining dust and dirt, preventing it from sticking to the chain and sprockets when you grease it.

To maintain the power transmission of the bike, you will need to use lubricant. In addition, it facilitates the transition between sprockets and chainrings when changing gear.

There is a wide variety of lubricants with different compositions. There is no perfect lubricant for bicycle, but each formulation is indicated for different weather conditions. At Miami Cycling Club, we have a wide catalog of bicycle lubricants and we advise you without obligation so that you can choose yours.


The fork is one of the most delicate parts on a mountain bike. Neglecting its maintenance or not cleaning it properly causes it to wear faster than normal and you have to change it earlier than expected.

While the bike is stored in the storage room, at home or in the garage, dust accumulates around the fork retainers. This dust enters the suspension system once you ride the bike, wearing down the seals. Therefore, you must clean and apply oil to the suspensions.

In our catalogue, you will find fork oils from recognized brands depending on the touch you want to achieve. We also have brake oils and bleeding kits, so you always have the bike ready.


Sometimes, we forget the importance of preventive maintenance, but it is very important to clean each part of the bicycle as it deserves for its correct operation.

Cleaners polish and protect the frame and painted parts from dust and surface damage. Some models repel water and dirt, to keep the bike clean as long as possible.

In addition, there is a wide variety of products that complement bicycle cleaners and cover any need:

  • Disc cleaning wipes, indicated for cleaning dishes when they accumulate dust or other particles.
  • Nylon brushes, to keep the transmission clean. It is important to use it before lubrication.
  • Aluminium polishers, special for rims. They are used to eliminate residues and marks caused by the shoes.

At Miami Cycling Club, we continue to provide online service to our customers so that you can get these and more products. We continue to deliver orders so you can enjoy the best cycling at home.