Get Your Bike Ready For Summer

We know that you are looking forward to riding with your friends again while enjoying the good weather, nature and of course, your bike here in Miami. But is she ready for the summer routes? Here are some tips so you can prepare your bike and enjoy each pedal stroke without worrying about anything.

Essential Tools

To carry out small repairs on your bicycle, it is not necessary to have many tools, but only the right ones. A very common mistake is to think that a tool is valid for any type of bicycle: MTB, road.

The correct tools work better, last longer, and ensure that you don’t damage the part you want to fix further. These are the ones you can’t miss:

  • General tools. The spanners will work for the nuts, and the Allen keys for screws, especially for those with a hexagonal head. You can also use saddle tension wrenches, pliers, pedal wrenches, chain wear gauges, and even gloves to protect your hands while making repairs.
  • Bottom bracket wrenches. This is one of the critical points in bicycle maintenance. To decide on one, you must know which one your bike uses. Do not hesitate to ask us before buying yours.
  • Spoke wrenches. Suitable for adjusting the spoke tension and centering the wheels.
  • To carry your multitools and make specific repairs during outings.


The condition of the bicycle components should never be neglected, even if we do not use it for some time. If the chain of your bicycle is very old and rusty, or the studs of your wheels are very worn, you are putting your safety at risk.

To know if it is necessary to repair or change any component of your bicycle, we recommend that you carry out the following check:

  • Brakes: Is the braking pressure always the same even after applying it several times? Is there some kind of fluid leak?
  • Direction: Does it rotate smoothly? Is it straight?
  • Handlebar: Does it bend with minimal force? If so, it is necessary to tighten the screws.
  • Wheels: Do they have the right pressure? Are all spokes the correct tension?
  • Chain: Is it properly greased? Does it show signs of wear or rust? In case this happens it would be necessary to change it for a new one.


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